Friday, 31 July 2015

First non-technical post - passport lost

This is the first time i am writing a non-technical post in a technical blog only because I don't have any other blog to post this information.

I was traveling USA on a B1 and have lost my passport in a theft. I could not find anywhere what next should I do. Hence, writing for those of you who might get into this problem.

I found some embassy numbers to call but none of it answered / helped me with right information.
Washington embassy - 2029397000
Atlanta Embassy - 404 963-5902
NY Consulate - 8459990726

Overall, I was being told that I would need to go to the embassy which belongs to my region and submit documentation there. The information of your region embassy and documentation are mentioned in this link-

Mainly, you'd need NRI document to be filled (even though you are not) alongwith your passport photo.
There are two options you can opt for -

1. Emergency travel document - using this document you can fly back immediately. however, getting passport done from India would be major pain as background police checking would be regress. I was being told that checking would be as regress as it is for a deported person. Hence, its not a desirable option.

2. Get your new passport from USA - this option is preferable. Official timings to get your new passport is 3 weeks. If you talk to the consulate officer, he can get this done sooner than 3 weeks. In my case, they shipped it in 7 days.

Getting visa would be another problem, but since you only need to go back to India, you would not require to show your visa. If possible, take a print out of your police report for worst case scenarios.
You would need to provide application to the visa department in India once again to get the visa stamped. I haven't gotten into action for my visa, so can't provide more inputs.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sample configuration for Video Conference Call through CUBE

voice-card 0
 voice-service dsp-reservation 50 ====> dsp needs to be reserved for VOIP calls and TDM video calls, %age of dsps. Unreserved DSPs can be used for IP video. If you reserve no DSPs for VOIP calls, you'll not be able to add video as it needs VOIP audio. There will be no way to even add the codecs.
dspfarm profile 2 conference video homogeneous
 codec ilbc
 codec g711ulaw
 codec g711alaw
 codec g729ar8
 codec g729abr8
 codec g729r8
 codec g729br8 ====> all the audio codec will be added by default
 codec h264 cif frame-rate 30 bitrate 320kbps ===> all participants will be forced to use same codec, same framerate and bitrate, if negotiation fails, call fallback to audio only. Hetergenous mode- participants can use their own codec/bit/frame rate and multiple video codecs can be added however, it requires more PVDM3 resources as it reserves the dsps for video conference.
 maximum sessions 6
 associate application SCCP

P2P video call

In order to enable video capabilities on the phone, you should have "video capabilities" field as enabled on the phone's configuration page.

There is no other configuration required on CUCM and gateways.